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DIY Eucalyptus Spring Wreath

I have a love hate relationship with spring right now. I want it to come, I'm totally wishing the snow away, but I'm stilling wondering what the heck happened to summer ;) My house has been in a pretty stagnant state since Christmas. Luckily, all my Christmas decor is down, but I haven't added any fresh bits of spring yet. I decided that since March is next week, that it's about time. I actually had the items to make this wreath stashed away since Christmas, so I'm glad to finally get them out and use them!

This is pretty much the easiest wreath I have ever made. I used a grapevine wreath and some faux eucalyptus garland I got from Hobby Lobby.
To start the wreath, I found the spine of the garland. That's the part that all the leaves are attached to. 
I started at one end, and then just started hot gluing the spine around the middle of the wreath making sure that no leaves were underneath it.
Once I went around the entire wreath, I used some wire snippers, and cut …