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Spring Dining Room and New Dining Room Chair Slipcovers

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Spring has sprung and we are finally get warmer weather over here! Kind of :) High in the 50s, I'll take it over snow any day! My dining room hardly changes through the season, except for Christmas, but I have done a few spring updates in here to share :)
Jute rug: Amazon    Farmhouse Chairs: Amazon     Striped Turkish Towel/Blanket: Amazon I obviously like Amazon ;)
You know when you have found something you truly like, it's super hard to change it up. This is true for my tablescape. The faux greenery from Ikea is superb; I can't get enough of these eucalyptus stems! I decided to add just another dynamic by adding these candle pillars from Hobby Lobby. 
 I also have a new addition to my buffet. First off is the wreath on my sunburst mirror. I love adding a wreath onto it during Christmas, and thought it would be fun to do a spring wreath also.
 I also updated my 3-tier tray and got a new one! I loved the other one, but found this one from Hob…

Spring Home Tour 2018

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Happy spring! I'm excited to share with you all my spring home tour today! Today's tour is apart of 30 other home tours that have been happening throughout the week hosted by Marty from A Stroll Thru Life! If you are new here, dropping by from Hymns and Verses, or just don't know my story, here you go! We have lived in our house for almost 9 years now. It was new when we purchased it, but lacked the true character I love in older houses. I set on a journey to try to add some character into the house. I have come to love it's own unique characteristics though, and am now in a struggle trying to incorporate them into my own. Truthfully, I just want to add board and batten to almost every wall...that's my true love. But I know this house is beautiful without that and I am trying to hold back! haha.

My goal this year is to add some more character along our stairs and possibly finish the board and batten throughout my living room. So, c…

DIY Vintage Recipe Box

I am a baker at heart, but realized that if I wanted to survive..and have my kids survive or at least get any sort of nutrition, I needed to figure out the whole cooking thing. I've been doing well for the past few years. I've found some recipes that I just absolutely love and know my kids do also. So, I thought that it was about time to actually start writing them down. I seriously have forgotten about so many awesome recipes that we loved because I didn't write them down. Do you all just go through the phases where you find a recipe that is a hit and you make it like once a week for two months, you have it practically memorized, and then get so sick of it you don't want it any more? We have so many of those...those are the ones I wish I had written down. I know we liked them once, I bet we would like them again!

I remember my mom's recipe box. I dig through that like crazy when I get a chance. Recipes cut out from newspapers are the best! Or handwritten ones past …