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DIY Cathedral Window Frame for Less Than $5!

Window frames have been a big hit lately in the decor world. I have been loving these cathedral window frames! I bought some a few years ago for my bedroom:

I also bought one for my mantel recently.

Then I realized how easy these would be to make...and how cheap! Seriously, you guys, this only cost me like $3 to make. I bought the whole board for around $5 and can cut two of them out of it....or just one really large one! I'm running out of wall space to put all my decor, but I really want one of these in every room in my house :) 

Here's how I made it;
2x4 plywood board
Craft paper/printer
Drill with large drill bit
Jigsaw with scroll blade

Step 1: This is probably going to be the trickiest part of the whole thing. Find a design you like, either online or sketch one yourself. If you print one online, print it as large as you would want your frame to be. If you are doing this from home, this may mean you will be printing out multiple pages and taping them togeth…

DIY Sliding Perpetual Calendar

I am so excited for today's project!  I have been wanting to make one of these for forever, and I finally did! Plus, it turned out better than I ever imagined...bonus! So, what the heck is a perpetual calendar? It's a calendar that can be used year after year! There's no need to buy a new calendar....I guess unless you want the year on the calendar :) I fell in love with this sliding one and knew it would be so easy to make one. Here's how I did it!
Supplies:  2  -1x2 pieces cut at 10.75" 3  -1/2x2 (measures 1/2" by 1.5") pieces cut at 20" 2  -1/2x2 pieces cut at 3/4" 4  -1/2x2 pieces cut at 2" 2  -1/2x2 pieces cut at 1.5" 1  -1x3 cut at 21" They should all lay out like below:
 Additional supplies:
Wood glue
Metal 1/8" flat pieces (Found in the car/hobby section at Hobby Lobby)
Metal label holders (Mine are from Hobby Lobby)
Dremel with round metal cut disc
Super Glue
Spray Paint
Painter's tape
6 black 1/4" screws

Step 1: U…

DIY Rustic Wood Candlesticks

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I was at Lowes the other day finding some wood for a different project and came across these cute wood bun feet. Can I just say that it's super weird to actually call them that :) I was toying around with the idea of what to do with them, and decided that if they were placed together they would make the perfect candlestick! So, next I went to Michaels for another project, and found these perfect circle plaques. I know I could have cut my own, but when they are on sale for 60 cents a piece, it's a no brainer.

This project is pretty simple to do and you can get a cute, large candlestick out of it for about $15!

Here's the supplies:
2 Wood Bun Feet
2 Wood circle plaques (about 5-6" in diameter and 1" thick)
Wood Glue
Finishing supplies (I used Walnut wood stain, petroleum jelly, white acrylic paint, sandpaper)

Step 1:  Since the feet have bolts in them, instead of spending the time trying to get them out or cut them down, I deci…