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DIY Desk With Storage Tutorial

My mom recently just built a house. I'm so excited to start showing it off and all that we have planned for it! The first thing that was a must was a desk. The desk I had made for her before didn't fit through the doorway to her new office. It's a shame because I really loved that desk! (click here to check it out. It was made from a dresser!) :) But, that also meant I got to design a desk for her and her needs. She gave me the exact size she needed with everything so I got to work!
 The total size of this desk is 30" deep, 54" wide and 29" tall. The middle section is 36" wide...perfect for a chair. These are the requirements she had, so I went forward from there!

Here's my cut list for this size of desk. It, of course, can be changed to suit your needs, longer, narrower, etc.
6 -2x4 @ 28 1/4" (legs)
3 - 2x4@ 36" (top and bottom long rails)
5 - 2x4 @ 21" (side rails)
3 - 2x2 @ 21" (side shelf supports)
4 - 2x2 @13" (front shelf sup…

Board and Batten Kitchen Island Makeover

Why yes, I do in fact have a kitchen. If you read my blog often or look at any of my home tours, pictures of my kitchen are always absent. Why? My kitchen is the one room in my house that I don't like and I can't change. Technically, I can change it, but it's the place that my husband has put his foot down. And truthfully, I am scared to heck to paint the cabinets. They are beautiful knotty alder cabinets, just not my taste. They never have been. I hated them since the day I moved in. My husband has loved them more than anything. So, yeah. The kitchen is not my favorite. 
If you remember from my board and batten post (click here), I ended up having a realtor come in and tell me a few things I should update about my house. Also, I swung a few ideas past her to see if they were worth it or would ruin the value. One of the things was my kitchen. She immediately said paint the cabinets. Yep. But not white. No. Grey, charcoal grey. I questioned her considering my black counter t…