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DIY Playhouse Interior Decor

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I shared the outside of the playhouse with you last week, and as promised, today I'll be sharing with you the inside! It took awhile for me to figure out what I wanted to do with the inside. What kind of stuff to put in there and what not. I knew this was going to be open to the elements the majority of the year, so I had to make sure everything could be washed or sprayed down easily. And I had to make sure not to spend too much money on it just in case it got ruined quickly.

The first big part was painting everything. I used Behr's exterior paint in semi-gloss in the color Swiss Coffee for the entire inside. Once everything was painted, I then added a stencil to the floor.  This stencil is from DecoArt and the paint is a dark grey that I mixed up, also in an exterior paint. I then finished it with a couple coats of polyurethane.

 I knew I wanted to add my kids "signatures" to the playhouse somewhere. I decided to incorporate them int…

DIY Farmhouse Style Outdoor Kids Playhouse (My Biggest Project Ever!)

Hi you all! I am so excited to FINALLY share with you the biggest project that I have ever done. For reals! I mean, besides making my babies :) A year or so ago, I had made plans to build my girls a playhouse outside. I promised them this spring that it was going to happen. Got all my ideas and plans in place. Just needed my husband to help clear the land. Now, I know, I could totally have done this, but I didn't want to ;), days passed into weeks, and weeks into months...and well, September came and the garden was finally cleared! Even though it was late in the year, I was determined to still get it done. I knew it would be getting cold soon so I totally busted my butt to finish it in time for at least a couple of weeks of good weather. I was finished with the actual build in about 2 weeks, but it took me forever to finish all the details. In fact, I'm still not done. I work on little extras almost every day. 

Wouldn't you know though, the day after I put on my stam…