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Candy Land Christmas Decor On The Playhouse

When you have a playhouse and your promise your kids that you will decorate it, you do it....even if it's snowy and gloomy :) I had plans to decorate this for Christmas since I built it, but the pink on it total threw me off. As you know, I'm not one for much color. It took all it had in me to not paint the pink black. But, this wasn't for me :) So, I embraced the pink and decided to make a wintery candy land! 

 As you can tell by the pictures, it's been pretty gloomy outside. :) 

I never knew in my wildest dreams I would ever buy a white tree. I know, I know. I love white and decorate with nothing else...but, a white tree was a little faux pas for me. I went a search for a pink tree but couldn't find one, so I decided to embrace the white. 

I brought in the pink from the door into the decorations with this Merry and Bright sign along with some tassels hanging on the lantern. 

Since I had a white tree, I wanted to bring in some pinks and inevitably large lollipops were…

Farmhouse Christmas Entryway and Bathroom Decor

I can't believe how close Christmas is! I'm trying my best to soak in all the Christmas spirit I can, but I have become overwhelming busy the past few weeks that it's so hard to do! So busy that I never did get around to sharing my Christmas entryway and a first, my Christmas bathroom! I have also decorated the playhouse into a wintery candy land which I will probably share with you next week. 

Up first is my entryway. 
 I traded out my normal Christmas wreath for a large printed sign with some garland sagged over it. I actually had quite the hard time figuring out this space this year, that's why it's so late to be shared :) I was trying hard to add reds and greys and it just wasn't feeling right. After days of moving things around, I finally told myself, go back to what you know. Neutrals! And like a gem, it was perfect the first time. :)

I'm excited to share more of this space with you in the coming weeks, but here's a sneak peak of a view I've neve…

5 Minute DIY Wood Slice Wreath Tutorial

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Christmas season is in full swing around here. I have a list of projects a mile long. I'm sure I'll get to some, but some just don't matter :) It's like one of those things, you get your list so long and feel like you can't do it and stress over all of it. Well, I'm just letting go this Christmas and keeping things pretty simple. This wood slice wreath is one of those crafts that I knew I wanted to do and wouldn't take a long time doing it. I'm excited to share this tutorial with the Christmas I DIYed That blog hop hosted by Jen from Noting Grace. These ladies are sharing some wonderful Christmas inspiration. Be sure to check them all out (links below). 

This wreath serious took about 5 minutes to make. You just need a few things to make it:
Wood discs (about 3-4" in diameter. I bought my here)
Large bowl or plate
Hot glue
Ribbon or bow
Pine cones.

I used 13 pieces as the bottom layer and 13 for the top.
My bowl is ab…

Christmas Living Room Decor: Tour 2018

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I just realized that we have three more weeks until Christmas. Three! I know. I'm about to jump off my computer while writing this and go shopping because none of that has happened yet :) ha! You'll notice by the lack of presents under my tree that I'm telling the truth. Over the past two weeks, I have been sharing tours of different rooms in my home, and today is the big kahuna of them all. My living room! This is the one that I spend most of my time fiddling around with and attempting to perfect. But, there comes a time when the fiddling needs to stop and you have to just call it good...which usually happens on Christmas Eve for me. But, I'm trying to do better! So, the fiddling has ended :)

Today's tour is part of the Christmas Home Tours hosted by Marty from A Stroll Thru Life. If you are stopping by from Seeking Lavender Lane, welcome! And if you happen to just land on this post and want to join the tours, be sure to check Deb&…