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Farmhouse Buffet Table Decor and Ideas

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My buffet table in my dining room is probably one of my favorite places to decorate. Not because I like adding my collections to it...but for the main fact that since it's out of the way, it won't get touched or knocked down :) So, I can add to it how I please. This table has seen lots of changes over the years and I think I'm finally at a stage that I am completely happy with it. 
The best thing about it, is that it's functional and pretty. For bread boards. Probably not so functional, although some of them are food safe, but they are pretty to look at and add that perfect farmhouse vibe. I've started to collect them this past year, and now have around 10. I just love their unique nature and look.  I have even gone as far to make a few of my own, like this one with the white tip. I'll have a tutorial on how I made it up soon! In order to balance the height of the 3 tiered tray, I placed my largest bread board aga…

DIY Board and Batten Staircase Makeover

When a magazine emails you about your house being featured in one of their issues, you do all the projects you planned to do in the past years in under a week :) That's just what you do...or at least what I did. I imagine that is what most would do. One of the projects I have been putting off doing is the wall along my staircase. I just couldn't make up my mind on what to do. I had three options, two of which were super hard and had me teetering on a ladder on the staircase. The other option was simple and quick, but just not what I had really wanted. So, since I had like 2.2 seconds to get this project done, guess which one I picked? The easy one! And I'm so glad I did it. I just wish I had done it years ago.

The poor wall along the stairs had been completely neglected. This wall was just a huge blank eyesore. It doesn't help that the entry way is a two story entry, so it's just lots and lots of beige everywhere. Here's a few before pictures below. If you look …

Winter Bedroom Decor And Decorating Ideas and Video Tour

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Christmas is long gone and we are in this weird in between decorating season. Do you decorate for Spring? Do you leave the Christmas decor up for longer? Well, this is a first for me. I usually take down all greenery and Christmas decor the first of the year. But, this year, I decided to embrace winter. I feel like putting up spring in January is a little premature. So, I took down all my "Christmas" decor...which I have realized is a relative term. What counts as Christmas versus winter anyway? For me, it was all reds, golds (in most cases), and sparkles and obvious things like bells, stockings, and Christmas type signs. I kept up all my trees besides the ones that aren't flocked. I still have my two 7.5' trees up and going strong! I did put my 10' tree that was in my living room away. 

I'll be sharing with you all my winter decor in the next week or so throughout my house. First up is my bedroom.
Rug: Home Depot      Curtain…

DIY Faux Shiplap Tutorial. No Power Tools Needed. You Won't Believe This Technique!

Since I have tried all forms of shiplap, I decided to try a new one! A completely faux shiplap where no power tools are required. Intrigued? 

Well, this little spot in our upstairs hallway doesn't get any love. It's the one spot that usually acts as catch all of school artwork, toys, dirty clothes, etc. I always wanted to brighten it up and make it more inviting. I had ideas about doing shiplap but the molding on the door adjacent to the wall was too close to the wall and actually somewhat crooked. So, then I decided I would do floor to ceiling board and batten. Even bought the boards and everything. That was like 3 months ago :) On a whim, I decided to try something new last night. And I completely love it! It was so quick, easy, and cheap....practically free. Plus, no power tools required which is the best!

Here's the after:
 And here's the gloomy before. Of course, this was at night but it really didn't get much prettier or brighter than this. 
 So, how did I do thi…