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Spring Bedroom Decor and Bedding Sources

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My bedroom was oddly the last room to get de-christmassed (Yes, I made that word up and somehow probably spelled it wrong anyway haha), yet the first room to get Spring decor. I've been waiting to share it with you because I was waiting on this new bedspread!
 I was so excited to get this on the bed and try it out. I've been eying these beautiful flowing ruffles for months now and they were always sold out in a king size. Then one day, I looked and they were in stock! So, I bought two. Yes. I know. Long story, but one is going back. 

I have recently gotten a lot of questions about all the sources on my bed and it's super hard to cover them all because they are all from different places. So, I'll be sharing the sources for those along with my spring bedroom with you all today.
 I like to keep white on my bed year round because nothing is better than waking up to the sun shining feeling like I'm on a white fluffy cloud. I realized this …

Change Any Chandelier Into A Farmhouse Chandelier


The light fixtures in my house aren't bad. They could definitely be worse. I actually don't mind them too much. I've only switched one fixture because we needed a fan. I bought a beaded chandelier to put in my dining room, but decided that I might want to have it in my front room. Mainly because I didn't think the current one in my dining room is half bad. I did want to update it and give a new look though.  

This was a super simple project. It took just a couple of minutes, and made me happy enough with my current chandelier to keep it in place....well, for the time being anyway :) 
First step was to take off the shades.  I then made sure that every light was a flame tipped candle light to give it a more authentic look.  
 Next, I strung some beads along a jute rope. I used these beads in 3/4 inch from Amazon. The size of the whole thing once finished was about 60"; 12" for each section. 
 I then looped it around the chandelier…

Easy Spring Entry Way Decor

I have a spot in my house that changes constantly. Or at least the wall does. I can't ever figure out what to put on this wall in my entry beneath my stairs. Either it's too big and I can't open that bench, or it's too small for the wall. So, yeah. It's ever changing. I decided to try something new for Spring. Wait....what's spring you say? Oh, it's the thing that happens after all this horrid snow and below 0 temps :) haha. I know. Putting this up is jinxing myself. And I totally did. I put this up one day, and the next it snowed 10 inches. Now I'm going to push my luck and decorate the rest of house in the coming days. Bring on the three feet of snow! 

Anyway. Back to my entryway...
Flower Market Pillow Cover: Living With Amanda Cathedral Window: Tutorial This Is Us Sign, textured pillow, garland: Hobby Lobby        Fiddle Leaf Fig: Decor Steals       Square Board and Batten: Tutorial 
I added some new additions in here. First thing being a stick. Yep. I …