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DIY Built-In Bookshelves from Ikea Billy Bookcases with Fireplace!

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Last week, I shared with you that I'll be posting some projects going on at my mom's new house. We are trying to add character to her builder grade new home. She came late into the building process where the house was already framed, so she wasn't able to pick out fun things like a fireplace. She also lost a lot of display and storage space when she moved from her old house. So, I decided to incorporate the two things she wanted the most onto this wall of her living room: a fireplace (although electric) and shelves! ...and of course, shiplap.
Here's the before of her living room before we got started with the process. Super boring and not a lot of character going on. 
Here's the after at the same angle:  Here's the process I went through to create this look. First off, I used the white Billy bookcases from Ikea along with two of their extensions for each bookshelf. The bookcases come with a cut out for the baseboards, but the bas…