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DIY Faux Aged Terracotta Pots Using a Secret Ingredient!

Spring to me is all about flowers, greenery, and pots. I love terracotta pots, but I feel like the actual color has it's small amounts for me. I do love how they look when they have been painted and have good age to them. I have been faux aging my terracotta pots for some time now and thought I would share the super easy way to do it!

My favorite place to get the pots are at Hobby Lobby. These ones don't have a large lip to them like the others you may find at common hardware stores. They are just smooth all the way up and down. Plus, they are super cheap when you catch them at 50%...which is usually every other week. The smaller pots are about $1 and the larger one shown below is $1.50.
 Okay....ready for my secret ingredient? This makes aging the pot so easy and fast. Petroleum jelly. Yep. Get a small dab on your finger and run it along the top and bottom rim of the pot. If you want more aging, then continue it down into the middle on some parts of the pot. You don&…

DIY Patio Umbrella Stand (Hide The Ugly!)

On the few days that the weather has cooperated...and I mean very few...I've had the chance to spruce up my patio...which usually follows by me sprinting inside to hide from the wind, rain, and lightning.  My patio became pretty drab over the winter. So, I decided to change it up a bit starting with this little patio umbrella stand. Even though this was just on a whim project, and literally took me 10 minutes to do, I felt like it made a huge impact on this area.
 This is how it used to look. It's heavy as heck and made of granite. I think 40 or 50 pounds, and wouldn't you know that our winds still blow the thing over. Anyway, I got this one because it was the most sturdy one out there. I never cared for how it looked though.
 So, I decided to create a little box for it. My first step was to use 4 pieces of 2x4s, and case it in. The diameter of this stand is 18", so my 2x4s were two at 22" and two at 19". The 19" pieces sat inside the 22"…

13 Ways to Repurpose Old Picture Frames

Over the years I have collected a ton of frames. The odd thing about it really is that for the first few years of living in my house, not a single one held a picture. I don't know why that is, but now you can't find a wall in my house without a picture....or 20. :) So, what did I do with all of these frames? I used them in various ways, few of them with their intended purpose. I decided to collect some of the ideas and ways I have used them in this post. Some have tutorials, some are links to tutorials, and some are just so obvious that you can hopefully figure them out.

#1. This first repurpose project was one of my first crafty projects as a newlywed. I turned a thrifted frame into a cute little bulletin/punch board. (tutorial below)
Step 1: Cut some cork board and cardboard the size of the glass, secure together with spray adhesive.   Step 2: Fold fabric over cork board/cardboard, also securing on the front and back with spray adhesive.
 Step 3. Place into frame, add original b…

DIY Summer Boredom Buster Jar (Over 60 Ideas Included!)

I was provided product by DecoArt and compensated to write about this project, but all thoughts, opinions, and ideas are my own :)
As I am writing this, it is so weird to think that summer break is just in a few more weeks! Seriously though, it's snowing outside my window right now. So, yeah. Who would guess warm temps are *hopefully* just a few weeks away? I'm being super hopeful they are :) 

As my kids are getting older, boredom is sitting in quicker than ever. I'm not one that allows for much screen time, so it's great having a few ideas in my back pocket when true boredom hits. I know that when school is out and the reality of the long hot days are here, it's a good thing to have lots of ideas to keep them busy! Today, I'm sharing with you my go to way to bust the boredom this summer in what more than a "Summer Boredom Buster" jar! 
When boredom strikes one of your kids, they simply pick an activity out of the jar. So, what do you need to create one …