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Summer Living Room Decor (Front Living Room Tour 2019)

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It's been one of those years that it's super hard to get into summer. I really want it so bad, but the weather is totally not cooperating. Because of that, I'm totally feeling like it's still April. I'm going to feel gypped out of a summer come fall. All my outdoor projects have been on hold because of the crazy rain and winds these past few months. One would think that would make me play around with the stuff inside my house more, but nope! Ha! Totally not. Instead I'm just in rebellion, I guess. I don't know how I am, but I feel like I am :)

I shared with you my summer dining room and entry way over the past two weeks, and today I'll be sharing with you my front living room. I loved the colors and how I decorated my main living room during the spring, so I brought a lot of that over into this room for summer to give it a little refresh. I didn't do big changes, but this just shows that a…

Summer Entry Way Decor 2019

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Our entry way is obviously the first thing people see when they come into our house. It's also one of the areas that gets updated most often. I don't mean to, but I noticed I tend to change out the pillows and even the wall decor every other month or so. I have plans to get rid of this bench, and make a new console table for the space. The bench has been a wonderful piece of storage that hides all my kids shoes. But, it's come to point that those shoes need to be sorted and stored a little differently. It's like 5 minutes of pure craziness when it comes time to find can always find one, but hardly the other in this depth of shoe chaos. 

Until I get the time to make that console table, I'll just keep sharing my entry as is :) I, of course, changed it up for summer. Actually, changed it up so much that the only things that stayed were the actual bench and the fiddle leaf fig. 
 I tried to keep it simple by only using two p…

Farmhouse Summer Dining Room Decor (Tour 2019)

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It's finally feeling like summer around here! We have had 3 full days of sun with no rain or snow. I count that as a win! If you follow me on social media, you'll know that we have had a super rough spring...technically it's still spring, but usually we are watering our grass beginning to mid May. It's mid-June and still haven't turned on our sprinklers. This weather is perfect since today I'll be sharing my dining room with you all for Marty's from A Stroll Thru Life's summer tour! This is where 30 bloggers share some amazing summer decor inspiration with you all week! You can see the full list at the bottom of the post. If you are joining along the blog hop, and have just come from Follow The Yellow Brick Home, welcome!

This year all around my home I have included lots and lots of terracotta. I found an easy technique to faux age the pots and kind of got carried away :) So, I have them all over....and the dining room …

DIY Vintage Style Cutting Board

You guys! This weather has me all sorts of annoyed. We have had like 3 days of sunshine in the past 3 months. The storms just keep rolling in and ruining my plans for my patio. I have all the stuff to redo it, took my old table apart (sadly), have mostly everything prepped...and yet it sits like an empty square with no love. haha. Anyway. Hopefully I'll be able to share something in the next week. Fingers crossed! 

Until then, I have been meaning to share with the tutorial on how to make your very own vintage style cutting board...for practically free. Well, at least for me. I have a slew of unused scrap wood just waiting to be used on projects like this. 

Here's how I did me, it's so easy and only uses one basic power tool (besides your drill) :)

Grab a 1x12 piece of wood and roughly sketch the top of what you want your cutting board to look like. Try to make it symmetrical. If you aren't good at sketching and have a cutting board you already love, us that and…