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DIY Privacy Screen Planter Box

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I shared with you all my updates to my patio over the past month, and the biggest change to date was this short privacy wall and planter box. 
Patio Dining Space: tourPrivacy Curtains: Tutorial
I say biggest change because it is hiding THE biggest eyesore :) (and not just the dog butt, ha!) 

We spent a whole bunch of money on landscaping gone wrong. A rock retaining wall was poorly built, things didn't get figured out in enough time before a fence was put in. Then there was no way to get a bobcat or anything in to move these half ton boulders....anyway. It's one of the biggest aggravations I have with my house and yard. And the worse thing? I stare at it every day from the top of my patio stairs, from my patio, from the playhouse, from my neighbors yard...etc etc etc. Serious. The bane of my existence at times. We have some ideas to fix it up, but nothing is getting done. I don't have the muscles it takes to move these, I hav…

The Trick To Making The Easiest Throw Pillow Covers Ever

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I'm bringing it back to my roots with this project, and it feels so good! It's so easy to hop onto Amazon, buy something, and have it delivered two days later (sometimes that same day!). But, you know what feels even better? Making it on your own! I have had these pillows (not just from Amazon but varying sources) on my wish list for awhile now. I had them sitting in my cart, waiting to buy them, knowing full well I could make them for soooo much cheaper. Well, I finally did it, and I'm so happy with the results! The best part? They were made using upcycled button down shirts! This project would be close to free if you already have some in your closet. I don't know about you, but that's always the best! Plus, making them with shirts cuts out like 75% of the steps on how you would normally make a cover! 
Of course, once you make the covers…