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Late Summer Living Room Tour 2019

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I know, I know...I should be blogging about fall decor and have a million of pumpkins around. Well, sorry not sorry, but I am soooo not ready to let go of summer. I am enjoying every last ounce. We had a crazy winter and spring. I feel like winter went into June this year. My kids were wearing winter jackets on 4th of July night...seriously! I feel like summer just barely started over here. And well, now the kids are back in school and I'm being thrust into seasons I'm not ready for. Ever feel that way? So, if you are with me, let me share with you my non-pumpkin filled living room one last time before all the crazy seasons and holidays take it over.

I wanted to share this space with you because there have been so many changes since I last shared it in spring. I also had a chance to borrow a difference shows some really good, wider angles of the space.

The biggest change to hit this room is a new ru…

Master Bedroom Before and Afters (10 Year Anniversary)

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Welcome! If you are just joining in, this week I have been sharing my main living areas over the past 10 years (links for other rooms at bottom of post). These years have gone by so quick, so it's great to see how much change has happened and really makes me realize what a process decorating is. Sometimes, a perfectly decorated space just happens and comes together quickly. Sometimes, it's totally a long process of figuring out what you want, and what your style is...with a lot of "what the hecks" in between :)

Today I'm sharing my master bedroom, and the crazy decorating that has happened in here over the years. I feel like my style has only shifted a little after the first couple of years. But, for awhile there it was pretty sketchy :) 

Here's how it looks today. As with most of my house, I err on the side of lots of white and neutrals. 
Bedroom sources at bottom of post 2009
And this is where it all started. Fresh out of my apa…