DIY Noodle Board aka Tray For Your Stove!

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If you are new to the whole "noodle board" concept, it's essentially a tray for your stove top! It helps extend your counter space, and protects your stove. This is especially true if it's a glass cook top. I've known a few people that have broken the glass on their cook top by accidentally dropping a bowl or dish on it. Another good thing about this? It keeps the cook top clean when not in use!

The best thing about these, besides adding more counter space, is that it's so easy to make! This tutorial is for those with a flat cook top. Mine is actually a gas stop with raised grates, so I had to make the one in my kitchen a bit different. But, today I'm sharing with you how I made one for my mom's house.

Step 1: Measure your surface. The size of this one in my mom's kitchen was perfect for three 1x8 wood boards with a length of 29 3/4". I also cut two 1x3 pieces the "depth" of the other boards, so the total of the 1x8 boards. Your's may be different depending on size. 
 Step 2: I secured the 1x3s to the edges of the other boards. I used wood glue and a nail gun with 1 1/4" nails for this. You can also use 1" screws if you don't have a nail gun.
Step 3: Sand all the corners of the boards to give it a soft edge.

Step 4: Now paint the entire board with DecoArt American acrylic paint in Titanium White. You will need to do about 3 or so coats for full coverage. 
 For the next steps I used DecoArt's AmericanaDecor Texture dimensional acrylic paint in Meadow Green and metallic Deep Bronze. 
Step 5: Create or buy a stencil. My stencil size is about 14". For my "gather" I used vinyl. I placed this in the middle of the tray. 
 Step 6: Using my pallet knife and the Texture paint in Deep Bronze, I swiped it across the lettering. 
 Don't wait for the texture to harden or else it will pull when coming up. I waited about 10 minutes. I then took off the vinyl. To get the middle pieces, I used a toothpick to pull them up.
 Step 7: Add the wreath. It's up to you if you want to do the wreath before the lettering or not. I took a roundabout way on making this, so mine ending up being on top of the lettering. But, with it being on top, you can tuck some of the lettering into the leaves. Also though, you will have to work around not getting the next paint color on all the lettering. So, it's up to you which way you choose.

 I used a stippling brush to add the first layer of the Meadow Green, and then used a pallet knife to somewhat smooth it out, but I did keep some texture. 
Once again, don't wait for it to dry. Just carefully pull up the stencil. 

 Here's a glimpse at where I had the leaf come on top of the "g" and some go behind it.

 Step 8: To add a little more character, I used 1" painter's tape and created lines on the bottom and top of the tray. 
 I filled in the lines with Meadow Green using a pallet knife. 
 I made an extra section below the smaller top line for a thicker line doing the same technique. 
Once you are done with the lines, pull up the tape.  

Step 9: Add some hardware! The easiest type of handles to add are the ones that screw in from the top. If you find ones you like that have bolts, you'll have to measure and drill your holes from bottom to top. So, keep that in mind when finding hardware. 
 Here's the finished piece! 

What I love about these is that they brighten up the kitchen a ton! ...that is if you make them white :) 

 In an all white kitchen like this, brightness doesn't matter too much. But, it sure made a big difference in mine! My all black appliances and black counter top needed something to break it up (I'll share mine with you later when I get a new microwave! My stove area is a hot mess currently :) haha)
 And, I can now publicly thank my mom for finishing her new house with a white kitchen so I can share more kitchen projects with you! I know, I know....kitchens don't have to be white to be pretty or show off projects, but it sure makes it easier than doing it in mine!
What do you think about the DIY noodle board? It sounds funny, but it seriously is a great addition to a kitchen! Plus, it doubles as a tray to carry food back and forth! Oh, just remember not to actually eat anything off of it :) The paint is not food safe. 

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