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DIY Christmas Tree Countdown Calendar Tutorial

It's getting so close! Christmas is less than a month away. It seems surreal...doesn't it? Well, now that the official countdown of 25 days is about to be upon us, I'm sharing how I made this year's Christmas countdown calendar. Yes...I say "this year's" because for some reason, I make a different countdown every year. I really don't know why. I have about 6 so far in my house...most of which are still in boxes. I do take out my faves and have them out every year. This one is for sure going to be one of them!
 This year, I decided to make a pretty simple countdown made from stuff you can easily get from the craft store. I got this board from Hobby Lobby for about $11. It's pretty good size, 24" by 18". You can find it in their wood cutout aisle. They have lots of different signs like this just ready to go! Saves you time from not having to make it on your own :) Bonus!
 I didn't like the darker color of the shiplap inset, so I used som…

How To Flock A Christmas Tree

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Well, I've been saying that I was going to do it for years now...and guess what! I finally did it! I flocked my Christmas tree!!! We bought our 10 footer about 7 years ago, and I have loved everything about it besides the fact that it wasn't flocked... That's a big thing to hate! ha! Over the years I figured out how to make it look lighter using lots of frosted garland and sticks full of flocking. I decided that last year was going to be the last year of doing that, and I really needed to just flock the thing. The way I saw it, we had our good times and well, it was just about time to get a new one. So, why not try to revive it one last time? I would rather spend a fraction of what it cost to buy a flocked 10 foot tree than by the actual tree.

So, the flocking happened. And it was totally worth it and so so easy!! Here's the final result:
 The two flanking trees came from the store flocked, so you can see what an awesome job it did!


Christmas Dining Room Tour 2019

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You guys! How is it already this far into November? We have a Christmas countdown already going in our house and we are so close to being in the 30's! My kids are freaking out just a little bit. I realized awhile ago about how fast this time of year flies by, and I have to mentally step back and not look forward to anything and just enjoy the now. When I put a day or event ahead and that's all I can think about, I realize I miss those special moments in between and lose them in all the hectic chaos that this season brings. That's why I like decorating my house early for the holidays. I just get it out of my way, and then I can sit back and enjoy those little moments...enjoy the "now". 

This week, I'm joining the lovely Carrie from Lovely, Etc and some other amazing blogging friends to share some early Christmas inspiration with the Very Merry Christmas Home Tours. You can see all of their tours at the bottom of my post :) But…

DIY Wood Slice Family Picture Ornaments

I did it...and for once it wasn't because I wanted to. It was because my kids kept bugging me and asking why our Christmas decor wasn't up yet. They have been watching Christmas movies since July....yeah, I know. And they have been listening to Christmas music since the day after Halloween. You guys, even my husband turned on a Christmas movie for them willingly...and watched it last night! Serious. Something strange is going on in our house! ha! He's the one that always says that we killed another reindeer if we listen or watch anything Christmas before Thanksgiving.

So, I put up our first Christmas tree and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I have a few trees, one dedicated to the handmade ornaments or the yearly ones my littles pick ballerinas, doughnuts, shopkins, etc...ones that I don't necessarily like to adorn our main trees. I know, I know. What's the fun in that, or where's the tradition? As I said, we do have a special tree just fo…

Red and White Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath Tutorial

I was provided product by DecoArt and compensated to write about this project, but all thoughts, opinions, and ideas are my own :)

Well, it's November so I guess that now makes it okay to talk about Christmas! Seriously though....Christmas? I feel like I'm dreaming. I'm not sure how it's that time of year again. But! That hasn't kept my brain from going into overdrive on Christmas craft ideas. Today, I'm going to share with you how to make this wood wreath, and better yet, how to paint the perfect red and white buffalo plaid. 

You can't tell much from the pictures, but this wreath has the prettiest hints of glimmer in it from the red in the buffalo plaid to the green leaves and the gold snowflake. Here's the paint I used to achieve this look.
 DecoArt Americana in Primary Red, Titanium White, and Lamp Black.
DecoArt Glamour Dust in Gold Glitz, Emerald, Ice Crystal, and Sizzling Red.

For the main piece, I used a 15" pressed would circle. You can find the…